When it comes to dressing for the hot season, I like to keep it easy and simple. Currently, I am obsessing on two of the hottest runway trends; crop tops and jumpsuits or ‘onesie’. Now these trends hit it big in 2014, and even though it has been a year, crop tops and jumpsuits aren’t going anywhere. In fact, these trends are working their way into the fashion zeitgeist and are sought after by runway and Hollywood personalities like Kendal Jenner, who donned goth-glam inspired crop-top-skirt combo in the recent Cannes Film Festival and Taylor Swift, who rocked white cut-out jumpsuit in 2015 Billboard Music Awards. I don’t know if it is just me but these trends exemplify fashion resilience as they were able to spring back from 80’s and 90’s cult fashion to our contemporary. So without further ado, here are two of must-try fashion trends this summer and why I am digging on it.


collage crop

As far as I could remember, crop tops were popularized by Madonna when she wore a mesh crop top in one of her music video in 1980s. By the mid-1990s, crop top are back in fashion as pop singers like as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera sport the look in their concerts and every day street style. Today, crop top is making waves again. This trendy style has evolved in a major way from cult fashion to teenybopper style to a chic fashion staple. Though there is this big misconception about crop tops that there is a specific time and place for wearing it because it exposes your midriff; showing too much skin. I am convinced that crop tops could be sophisticated and easy to pull off. It is actually one of the most flattering summer pieces because it draws the eye to the thinnest part of pretty much every woman’s body. Contrary to what many of us think, crop tops could be worn anywhere in any time of the day given the right separates. My favorite way of pulling off this trend is by pairing it with high-waist bottom and overalls. It gives a subtle glimpse of skin without being overly sexy.





I call this functional one-piece garment as my lazy-girl-secret-to-looking-chic-in-a-snap. What I love about this trend is that it comes together so easily especially when you are rushing to throw something on. It is so easy to pull off and offers a surprising marriage of sophistication and ease that you would not expect from dresses or tops and bottoms or any ensemble outfit. This garment of convenience is a perfect choice for that unexpected weekend look by pairing it with sandals or ballet flats. It could also be a versatile modern wardrobe for an evening out by dressing it up with heels and statement accessories. The beauty of this trend is that there is no wrong way to wear it because it is literally just one piece. I guess the only down side of this trend is when you have to use the bathroom because you have to remove the entire garment. But overall, this onesie is absolutely chic.




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