Because Monday came in like a wrecking ball leaving me in state of shock, I feel like writing today’s prompt to jumpstart my thoughts. This morning ritual somehow prolong those good weekend vibes to help me start my week off right.
So while I am sipping my hot coffee and trying to decipher which deadline to beat. I decided to scan the newspaper for a while and come across an article about the lies people tell to themselves and how they work wonders in their coping up mechanism. While I don’t totally agree with it, there is some truth to what the author is conveying. The author claims that white lies or make believe narratives or stories, are ways of reminding ourselves that the misfortunate event is temporary and we have the power to change it. Like past pains can be rewritten as battles won, not scars collected. Nostalgia can be enjoyed without giving up anticipation of the future.
Well of course, I am not saying that we should all lie or use make-believe stories to move on and cope up. I just wanted to point out that there are inevitable times when white lies are necessary. These lies or ‘make-believe’ stories could be a way to make us feel better about a ‘NO-NO’ move or perhaps a temporary reason for doing things to keep us sane.
Because everyone’s guilty of making poor choices once in a while, I am no stranger to these little (big) white lies. I usually have classic lines to make me feel better whenever I indulge into something. These white lies sometimes justify my poor choices, convince myself that I will do better next time, or serve as a way of venting out, just to laugh through a rough day or week. Here are the top ten lies I tell myself.
1. Just one more look (and I will end trying all the outfits I have in mind)

IMG_20150823_194652 IMG_20150815_105341
2. Just one bite (and I will end up eating the whole desserts)

3. Just one more sip (and I will end up awake all night, drinking 5 cups more)

4. Just one episode (and I will end up watching ten episodes)

5. Just one more page (and I will end up reading 15 chapters more)


6. Just a scribble (and I will end up writing a novel)

7. Just this once (and I will end up missing the red flags)

8. Just few kilometers (and I will end up with leg cramps)

9. Just few more laps (and I will end up with 20 laps more)

10. Just five more minutes (and I will end up over sleeping)

If I can outgrow the white lies or the make-believe stories I tell myself, I think everything will be different. But for now, these white lies are narratives to keep me going; perhaps an escape to the humdrum place I know.


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My life could be packed into simple words- I live to be uncommonly well.
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