A DAY IN A LIFE: 157 of 365

I can’t believe it is June and that we are half way through the year 2015.

I remember when I was a kid there was this feeling of excitement and anticipation when the month of June comes in simply because it means going back to school; like a chance to start fresh again and learn (Yeah, I am one of those geeky students way back then). Well, as I get older (ehem), the month of June still brings a renewed vigor and a sense of purpose.

Because the year is not over yet, the sixth month of the year is the perfect time to look over my goals; like seeing what is attainable or picking some small changes or additional challenges that I might want to accomplish. So today, I have made myself a 30ish goal or month bucket list to motivate and inspire me to move forward and follow my dreams. Below are the lucky 10 that made the cut.

  1. Keep a life in tune with God’s willGod's Will
  2. Start each project with clean slateClean Slate
  3. Walk the walk. Talk the talk.walk the walk
  4. Pay debts. Tithed every monthdownload5
  5. Run to be fit not to be skinnyRun
  6. Wake up early, meditate and watch the sunriseSunrise
  7. Invest in something besides retirementRetire
  8. Read the Bible and 3 more booksWINDOWS
  9. Travel and write storiessavedownload4
  10. Learn new skilldownload7

My list falls into five major themes: Spirituality, Health, Life/Organization, Work and Finances and I am hoping that I will be able to cross them all out by the end of June.

So what is your 30ish bucket list?



About giadre

My life could be packed into simple words- I live to be uncommonly well.
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