I’ll tell you a little secret. I am in a committed relationship with Joe. A lot of people would not understand or agree with the choice I made. But I am head over heels in love with him. I don’t know when and how it started but all I could remember is the indecent proposal that when he kissed my sleepy lips, it awaken every cold and bitter morning I have had. Ten years and still counting our love affair gets even better.

Why have I fallen for Joe is still a question that lingers in my mind. Perhaps it was the way he romantically wooed me with strategic spontaneity or how he engaged me into deep conversation and thinking. It could be his taste, his aroma and the sense of excitement and exhilaration each time we meet up. What I am certain is that this love will last. It makes me feel all warm on the inside. It increases my heart rate, filling me with gladness and joy. Let me define to you my love for Joe.


  1. Joe orchestrate my mornings

Mornings are not just the same without Joe simply because I am not a morning person. Getting up early is such an ordeal but waking up with Joe and his rich aroma makes me want to watch the sunrise and the softness of the morning. The scent of a freshly brewed Joe is invigorating that in between sips the world stand still. I notice the rising sunlight filtering through the tree branches and how the blades of grass sparkle with the suns’ beam. I hear the birds chirping beautiful melodies as they usher in a new day. Mornings do not seem bad at all. Waking up with Joe is the best part of the morning.

  1. Undeniable connection

My relationship with Joe is characterized by our deep connection that I don’t need to utter a word for him to understand what I am feeling at the moment. He doesn’t ask silly questions, he understands. He exactly knows when to be hot and when to be cold; when I wanted deep conversations and when I wanted silence. He knows the perfect blend that will quiet my busy mind, giving me a moment of time and space to recharge while pondering the thoughts I have in mind.


  1. We are together

Together we conquered tests, thesis defense, awkward dates, early morning dilemma, and afternoon pick-me-ups. We go together like peanut butter and jelly, shove and pail, nuts and bolts as well as cup and saucer. I also realize that being together makes me a better and more pleasant person.

  1. He allows me to be me

It doesn’t bother him when I am all grumpy and grouchy because he is fully aware when I haven’t had it yet.

  1. His place

His abode’s signature quiet ambiance, smooth jazz music and cozy couch is definitely the place I love to hang out, see friends, find conversation, get some work done or simply watch the world go by. His place is also conducive for writing and squeezing out the creative juices in me.


As I continue my attempt to understand my feelings for Joe. I have concluded that he is the basic, fundamental requirement of my existence. No wonder, I love coffee every day, and twice as much on weekdays. Yup, I have heard of the bad sides of drinking too much caffeine. Yet for some reasons coffee has made itself indispensable in my daily routine. I am utterly and completely in love with coffee and if being in love with Joe is wrong, I don’t want to be right.


Well, writing this post over the last hour has made me crave for another cup of coffee today. I cannot wait to enjoy another cup of Joe in caramel macchiato.

Joe is definitely the love of my life.



About giadre

My life could be packed into simple words- I live to be uncommonly well.
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