Whether you go with African inspired clothing and accessories, tribal style with ethnic influences, or military attire, the safari trend goes from the savannah to the city streets this summer. That’s because this perennial favorite is beach friendly, city slick, and works at any age.

Join the fashion pack of Anne Curtis and Kathryn Bernardo as they get fab and fierce with SM Accessories’ Into the Wild Collection. These are jungle elegant accessories that interpret exotic materials with a refined finish.

The key is not looking like you’re on a safari, but to always add an element of surprise. Try mixing different animal prints for a worldly traveler look, add a pop of color to classic khaki, add chunky tribal jewelry for a feminine touch, and look for luxe leopard pieces and metallics to dress up the look for night.

Get Into the Wild with SM Accessories. The collection is available at all SM Stores nationwide.


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My life could be packed into simple words- I live to be uncommonly well.
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