15 Signs You’re Too Comfortable Being Single

Your plans may involve settling down, but you’re not pressured on doing it any time soon.

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Have you been single for too long you feel like you don’t want or don’t have the urge to change your status sooner? Here are 15 signs you’re too comfortable being single.

1. You don’t mind staying in on a beautiful weekend. You don’t call random people to hang out on a sunny Saturday. You’d rather catch up on your reading or watch your favorite re-runs.

2. You are sincerely happy for your friends’ milestones; engagements, weddings and new babies.

3. You don’t feel uncomfortable when you go out with other couples.

4. When someone asks about your relationship status, you answer honestly without batting an eye, because you don’t see anything embarrassing about being alone in a couple-filled world.

5. You can dine out, watch a movie, or travel all by yourself.

6. When people think something’s wrong with you because you’re still single, you conclude that there’s…

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