161.7 lbs or 73.35 kg is record breaking amount of hair collected in the 6 hour single drive #GiftOfHealthyHair Campaign

SM Valenzuela– 161.7 lbs or 73.35 kg of hair was collected yesterday from over a hundred donors in a 6 hour single drive for donating the most hair to cancer patients.

Women turned out in droves at SM Valenzuela Event Center to cut and donate their locks to make wigs from cancer patients who lose their hair due to chemotherapy.

Hair Donation is an altruistic act- a self-less act” said Founder and Director of Cuts Against Cancer Ran Fridman. “Many women and girls are attached to their hair and donating hair is harder than donating money” added by Mr. Fridman.

According to Ran Fridman, Founder and Director of Cuts Against Cancer, the 161.7 lbs or 73 kg collected hair in 6 hour time period yesterday broke the previous record of 117 lbs or 53.1 kg Guinness World Record for “Most Hair Donated to Charity in One Day”.

As recalled, at least 48.75 kg or 107.4 lbs of hair was collected in support of the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Campaign in Clinton, Mississippi, USA, last 21st of May 2007. While Israel, on the other hand, broke the Guinness world record in November 2013 with 117 lbs or 53.1 kg of donated hair at the event hosted by Zichron Menachem- the Israeli Association for the Support of Children with Cancer and their Families.

During the drive, trained stylists from David’s Salon cut at least 8 to 10 inch locks, which is the minimum length required to make a wig. Donor’s hairs were bundled and were cut 2.5 cm above the rubber bands. Likewise, free make-overs were given to all donors.

The new hair donation record has not been officially confirmed by Guinness Book of World Records as the process would normally take several weeks from the date of application.

More than the distinction from the Guinness Book of World Records, our aim here is to promote cancer mindfulness and ways people can help out” said SM Valenzuela Mall Manager Jacqueline S. Tan. “This initiative took us closer to our aim of supporting and giving hope as well inspiration to people battling cancer” Ms Tan added.

#GiftOfHealthyHair Campaign was organized by Cuts Against Cancer, an international organization that donates high quality medical wigs for kids and women with cancer in economically disadvantage countries. The drive is in partnership with SM Valenzuela and Human Nature with support from Papemelroti, When In Manila, Perfect Rhythm Multimedia Productions, David’s Salon and Jollibee.



All smile as an SM employee shows her hair donation and new ‘do’.


Founder and Director of Cuts Against Cancer Ran Fridman measures locks of longest hair donor during the #GiftOfHealthyHair Campaign.


Deed is done: Longest Hair Donor Kristine Agape proudly shows off her 43.5 inches hair donation during the #GiftOfHealthyHair Campaign at SM Valenzuela






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