SM Valenzuela in partnership with Cuts Against Cancer and Human Nature, organized a mass campaign to collect record-breaking amount of hair for the benefit of children and women battling cancer.

Dubbed as #GiftOfHealthyHair Campaign, the drive aims to promote cancer awareness, and ways people can help out.

We wanted to help cancer patients to feel normal and beautiful” said SM Valenzuela Assistant Mall Manager Emmanuel S. Gatmaitan. “By way of conducting this event, we hope to collect many hairs as possible to be sewn and weaved into natural wigs” added by Mr. Gatmaitan.

The hair collected for donation to charity within 6 hour-drive will be made into wigs and will be donated freely to cancer patients. First 50 walk-in hair donors will get free HOT OIL gift certificates from David Salon and other freebies from participating sponsors. Likewise, free hair cut will be given to all hair donors.

Apart from helping cancer patients and providing them wigs, SM Valenzuela also hopes to beat the Guinness World Record for “Most Hair Donated to Charity in One Day”. As remembered, 881 people donated their hair at the Mississippi Institute for Aesthetics, Nail and Cosmetology in Clinton, Mississippi, USA, last 21st of May 2007. At least 48.75 kg or 107.4 lbs of hair was collected in support of the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Campaign.

Israel, on the other hand, broke the Guinness world record in November 2013 with 117 lbs or 53.1 kg of donated hair. More than 250 women participated in the haircutting event hosted by Zichron Menachem- the Israeli Association for the Support of Children with Cancer and their Families, together with Pantene Products Israel.

#GiftOfHealthyHair Campaign in SM Valenzuela will be on Thursday, October 23 at 2pm to 8 pm. The event is proudly supported by Papemelroti, When In Manila, Perfect Rhythm Multimedia Productions, David’s Salon and Jollibee.

Cuts Against Cancer is an international organization that donates high quality medical wigs for kids and women with cancer in economically disadvantage countries where people cannot afford to buy medical wigs.



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