Isn’t amazing how quick time passes? I can hardly believe that we are now on the second quarter of the year 2014 and soon it will be my birthday again. So while I am sitting on the couch yesterday and feeling beat up, I reflected on the past week’s happenings or should I say past month’s happenings. I have to say that envy people who have the liberty of time to write; to navigate and skillfully explore their creative side and not to mention to live the ebb and flow of creativity. Sometimes, I just wished I could have that ample of time and lifestyle.

I believe that a lot of you would agree with me that the world has changed so much in the past few years because of the advent of modern technological conveniences and the demand of modern living. Life nowadays seems to be moving fast… very fast that we often forget to enjoy beauty of living day by day; the random inspirations, the moment’s favorite that makes your heart skip a beat, the thought provoking quotes and articles as well as the pictures that help you find your soul, the adventure as well as risks taken that makes you proud and the little things that created that big picture.

These experiences might not be as important as the big decisions we make on a daily basis but I am a firm believer that its nature and diversity may serve as dots to connect to a broader perspective, better solution and non-linear ideas.

So today before I add another year to my age, I would like to start doing a catalog of the people, places, ideas and things that inspire me. I am giving a little thought on my experiences and perhaps synthesize these experiences to new things (keeping my fingers crossed).

These are my month’s recap. Hope you enjoy it as it inspires you.

  • MANILA FAME- I had a wonderful opportunity to see the designs in Manila Fame last March 15 (Thanks to my boss). This biannual event is organized byCITEM (Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions as well as the export promotions arms of the Department of Trade Industry (DTI). A bolder line of apparel, bags and accessory designs using eco-friendly materials has been the focal point in this year’s exhibit. This year was a little different because they added a twist by uniquely presenting each product sector withSCENOGRAPHY. There were fourscenography headlines: CELEBRATE (Holiday and Gifts), DECORATE (Home), DESIRE (Fashion) and INSPIRE (Arts and Crafts), all of which had blown me away.

    NOT YOUR ORDINARY CANDELABRA by Furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue. His theme fascinates fair-goers with a circus-themed display, showcasing stools made to look like traditional headdresses, crocodile-shaped rugs, and even an acrobat masquerading as a light source.



    Manila Wear. New and refreshing modern Filipiniana


    Celebrate Scenography. Very Ethereal presentation of holiday and gifts sector.


    INSPIRE SCENOGRAPHY. Breath taking. It literally took my breath away.


    Stylish Design from Manila Wear


    Modern but not compromising Filipino craftsmanship


    Aklan Piña Weaving


    Modern Piña Wear


    Ethnic. Artisanal. Uniquely Filipino. Craftspot- Ilocos Sur Abel Weaving Tradition. This is one of the many reasons why I love Manila Fame, it has craftspots that provide a glimpse of the rich cultural narrative of crafts tradition.


    It is an honor to meet these beautiful artisan from T’Boli tribe- T’Boli T’Nalak Weaving Tradition


    Butterfly House, a low cost, graft proof design solution for disaster-prone areas. The design was inspired by the “yolanda” super typhoon.

  • MONOGRAM AND LIGHT EFFECTS WEDDINGS – I have this penchant for vintage. Lately, I have been seeing a lot of monogram in their wedding reception. Apart from giving warmth, it also personalized welcome greetings to guests. I love the tree indoor light effect or wall washes, it conjures images of romantic sunset.

    Wall washes are so romantic for indoor reception weddings


    Monogram makes wedding really unique

    Casa-Real-Wedding-07 Casa-Real-Wedding-09 weddingwallwashes07 weddingmonogramlighting09

  • DESIGNS- Chic. Stylish and Relevant. I love the horizontal tiered skirt.


  • GOOD WRITING – David Ogilvy, the father of Advertising, wrote a memo on good writing on September 7, 1982. Thirty two years later, it is still RELEVANT.

ogilvyogilvy memoCopy of stay strong


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