Green Jade is known for giving energy for the healing of mind and body


Honey Jade bracelet with an infinity symbol


Honey Jade, the stone for happiness is also associated with vitality and understanding


Tiger Eye, the stone of protection


Bring everlasting love and good fortune with this Red Blossom charm bracelet


Red Blossom is also said to bring victory in businesses


Jasper and Aventurine is said to bring good luck and opportunities


The Black Pi Yao is the stone of good fortune and is also used in dispelling fears


Attract good luck with this Jade Bracelet

Turn on the charm and bring on the luck as we welcome the Year of the Wooden Horse with pretty charm bracelets from SM Accessories.  Made from stones that are not only eye-catching, but also said to be auspicious, these bracelets are a good way of starting the year in style.

Attract good luck with Jade, also the stone that has been regarded for centuries to create a feeling of harmony and balance. Honey Jade is said to bring forth happiness, spiritual growth and satisfaction in life. Tiger Eye protects with its powerful and dynamic energy.

Red Blossom is said to bring everlasting love and good fortune; while Black Pi Yao is known as the stone for good fortune while also bringing emotional stability. Colorful Jasper & Aventurine bring opportunities while giving courage and inner strength.

SM Accessories’ Chinese New Year Charm Bracelets are available at the Ladies’ Accessories Department of SM Stores.


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