SEOUL CRAVINGS 서울 갈망 – 한국 요리


Passion for anything Korean has gone beyond the K-Pop, television series and beauty products.image32k-popKang-Ji-Hwan16Kang-Ji-Hwan-21 With the K-food fever being dished up in the Philippines, SM City Marilao and SM City Baliwag recently opened ‘BONCHON’, a unique restaurant the offers original Korean cuisine to its fusion forms.   Located at the lower ground near Max's, Bonchon is the new craze at SM City Baliwag


A hit in New York City, the cult Korean wings spot boasts of its exquisitely crispy fried chicken in either sweet-pungent soy garlic or spicy hot sauce. Unlike any fast food you’ve ever tasted, BONCHON features irresistible chicken wings and drumsticks fried slowly to achieve a crispy sheath while the meat remains perfectly moist. Their distinctively crunchy, spicy, and greaseless chicken goes perfectly with chapchae, bulgogi rice and fish tacos and of course zesty ice tea to wash down every delectable bites!


BonChon calamari bonchon-chicken-300x268


This gastronomic destination definitely delivers a Seoul-satisfying crunch and a clean, subtle taste unmarred by anything beyond good fresh food. Each spoonful is not only a gustatory delish but also a good choice for healthy eaters. Meals are served in bite-sized pieces of lean meat and thin batter coating to ensure healthy and less fat in your chicken. Diners can also choose white rice or French fries as side dishes to accompany the chicken meal choice.




Now that summer’s in full swing, it is always good to take some time to appreciate life’s lil’ pleasures. Indulge in your cravings!   Come visit SM City Baliwag and SM City Marilao for Seoul treats any day of the week.


식사를 즐기는 행복!


Stay Chic!






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