Signature style

While cleaning my inbox and organizing my files in the computer, I found a folder labeled as “signatur-e”. From the label itself, it speaks of the digital signatures that I used whenever I send e-mails to my clients, friends and loved ones. Somehow it is a way of making my e-mails more personal and unique. Experts say that subliminally recipients pick up on the messages your signature sends and gives a clue on your personality.

True to my signature, I love vintage inspired and classic black and white ensemble. It is the color combination that I often used in my designs and dominantly seen in my closet.  These combination are understated tones that blend well with other colors making it sophisticated but not overly done.    Same with my signature, my style is classic and vintage as shown below.

On the other hand, my friend Nina Wong loves pretty things. She loves to wear cute dresses that fit a 12-year old kid ^_^. She looks good on anything with ruffles and ribbons. She is bubbly, witty and funny.

While my style is bended on structured classics, Nina’s style is all about femininity like what her signature says- sweet, flirty, sassy and fun.

Capping things off… Our signatures  identify us.  As graphologist Fiona Mackay says, “Your signature is how you want to be seen…it’s your public face” ^_^.

Share your thoughts…What’s your signature style?


About giadre

My life could be packed into simple words- I live to be uncommonly well.
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