Think outside the cubicle

What to wear to work? In the 80s, when women were starting to make inroads into the corporate world, this would mean power dressing. Stiff suits with padded shoulders defined the 9 to 5 way of life.


But in a world where the corporate hotshots like Mark Zuckerberg rule wearing hoodies; where offices could be virtual or anywhere else; and where 24/7 has replaced 9 to 5, dressing for work is more relaxed.


After all, mergers and partnerships are sealed over business lunch. New accounts are acquired during cocktail hours. And the boom of new career choices and a constantly changing work environment makes way for creative work clothes from SM Ladies Fashion.


Get down to business with modern suits, blazers, slim pants, and pencil skirts – all tailored to perfection. While black, neutrals, and white shirts will always be classic corporate staples, deal making brights and power prints bring a fresh look to boardroom dressing.


With women now more confident of their place in the professional scheme of things, they are not afraid to celebrate their femininity in flattering dresses with trendy touches and textures.


The Work Wear Essentials are available at the SM Ladies’ Fashion of all SM Stores.

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