A Taste of Laoag


Crave no more because SM City Marilao brings you the authentic and famous Ilocos delicacies at the heart of Bulacan.

Located at the ground floor of SM foodcourt, ‘Taste of Laoag serves the most delightful bagnet and longganisa. The seasoned garlic native sausage, Longganisa Ilocos and crunchy deep fried pork belly Bagnet, complement any vegetable dishes.  Try it with their best-selling mouth-watering appetizers Sinanglao, a soup made from beef innards and grilled lean goat meat soused in vinegar; Kilawin Kambing. Or go medley and pair it with the unique blend of flavors of bitter gourd, salty fermented fish sauce and the native flavors of mixed vegetables of pinakbet.

Other offerings include all-time favorite and distinctly Filipino dishes like Sinampalukan, Binagoongan, Dinuguan and Lecon Paksiw. These dishes will surely tickle your taste buds leaving you wanting for more.

Visit their other branch at SM Mall of Asia. 

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Indulge in your cravings and experience the taste of Laoag.



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