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the years, SM Supermalls have been known in spearheading initiatives to promote awareness and understanding on the needs of people with disabilities. It is the heart of SM to provide continuous quality customer care service and make everyone’s malling experience as enjoyable as possible.

True to its commitment, the management of SM City Marilao recently conducted a seminar on handling special customers. This year, the seminar focused on encouraging mobilization for the dignity, rights and well-being of people with disabilities through education on the different kinds of disabilities and approaches to handling such.

“Disability comes in different forms” said Autism Society of the Philippines National Vice President Perlita So. “It may be physical, cognitive, mental, sensory, emotional and, developmental or combination of these, so it is important to be knowledgeable on how to respond” she continued.

Highlighted in the seminar was a special talk on the proper response to people with ‘unseen disability’ such as epilepsy. “One challenge in responding to these epileptic attacks and seizures is the lack of knowledge” said Philippine League Against Epilepsy Neurologist Dr. Christina Cruz- Urbi.

Dr. Urbi explained what causes the attacks and showed video of different epileptic seizures. Likewise, she shared tips on how to respond effectively to prevent the person with epilepsy from injuries.

Over 209 employees participated in the seminar. Topics like autism and down syndrome were likewise taken. Power house speakers include Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines Operations Manager Ma. Redetta Dela Paz and Autism Society of the Philippines National Vice President Perlita So.


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