It’s Christmas time again and part of the charm of holiday gift-giving is in the wrapping. Traditionally, we get rolls of gift-wrapping paper for our gifts. But think about how much litter a Christmas party at home can create. With the amount of waste we accumulate after all the gifts have been opened, we need to be more creative in wrapping our gifts to reduce waste and help Mother Earth.

This year consider a greener way of wrapping your gifts. Holiday gift giving does not have to mean giant trash bags full of discarded wrapping paper. For only P35.00 for canvass eco bag and P10.00 for sando eco bag, SM Eco Bags are perfect substitute for gift wrappers.

Here are few reasons why choose SM Eco bags:

SPACIOUS. Do you have odd sized gifts? Those that can be so difficult to wrap? The SM Eco Bags make it easy to wrap. Its durability can carry loads of stuff, too.

SAVES WRAPPING TIME. No time to pack and wrap gifts? Skip the conventional gift basket and boxes and stash all the goodies, clothes, toys and grocery packs inside the SM Eco Bag. Its hip colors will surely add to the festivity that the Yuletide brings. Personalizing it is also easy and stylish.

REUSABLE. The best thing about these wrappings is that they’re not only earth friendly, but can be reused year after year. It can also promote recycling habit for the New Year to come.

So this Christmas, let’s try to lessen holiday litter. Visit the SM Eco Bag booth at SM City Marilao and order your Eco Bags now!


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